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The Great Sheedy Murder Trial and the Booster Ethos of Lincoln, Nebraska


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Vile Confession of Crime

OBME, May 15, 1891

Vile Confession of Crime
Monday McFarland's Story of the Sheedy Case Read in Court

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 15, 1891

Visit To a Mad House
The Asylum Where Ex-Senator Jones Is

Lincoln Daily Call, May 24, 1891

Walsh & Putnam

Photograph, N.D.


Photograph, N.D.

Wants His Pay

Lincoln Weekly News, June 11, 1891

Was Looking for a Mob

Lincoln Daily Call, May 14, 1891

Was Poisoned.
Such is the Finding of the Coroner's Jury.

Lincoln Daily Call, January 23, 1891

Welcome Home Parade

Photograph, N.D.

Wells Fargo Company

Photograph, N.D.

West on P

Photograph, N.D.

Will Bail Be Allowed?
Mrs. Sheedy's Health Said to be Undermined by Prison Life

Lincoln Weekly News, March 12, 1891

Will Prove a Murder.
John Sheedy Again Waylaid and Murderously attacked.

Lincoln Daily Call, January 12, 1891

Will the Negro Testify?
Monday McFarland's Possible Chance of Saving His Neck

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 16, 1891

Will They Escape?
The Question Discussed in the Sheedy Case

Lincoln Daily Call, May 9, 1891

Will They Hang?
Query About Mary Sheedy and McFarland

Vanity Fair, May 2, 1891

William Jennings Bryan

Photograph, N.D.

Windsor Hotel

Photograph, N.D.

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