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The Great Sheedy Murder Trial and the Booster Ethos of Lincoln, Nebraska


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From the District Court

Lincoln Weekly News, March 26, 1891

Judge Field denied the motion to admit Mrs. Sheedy to bail
Council took an exception

Lincoln Herald, March 21, 1891

Petitioning For Liberty
Mrs. Sheedy and Monday File Motions

The Nebraska State Journal, March 21, 1891

Mrs. Sheedy's Case

Lincoln Weekly News, March 19, 1891

The Information Filed

Lincoln Weekly News, March 19, 1891

Four Grains of Morphine
Information in the Sheedy Case Filed

The Nebraska State Journal, March 13, 1891

Formal Charge of Murder
Information Filed Against Monday McFarland and Mrs. Sheedy

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), March 13, 1891

Will Bail Be Allowed?
Mrs. Sheedy's Health Said to be Undermined by Prison Life

Lincoln Weekly News, March 12, 1891

Mrs. Sheedy's Case
It Will Probably Come Up Today

The Nebraska State Journal, March 7, 1891

The History of a Well
Where the Salt Water Comes From

Semi Weekly State Journal, March 6, 1891

May Admit Her to Bail

Lincoln Weekly News, March 5, 1891

Fixing Conventions.
The Republican City Central Committee Meets.

Lincoln Daily Call, March 5, 1891

Mrs. Sheedy Will Be Bailed
That Appears To Be the Probability.

The Nebraska State Journal, March 1, 1891

She May be Allowed Bail
Mrs. Sheedy's Attorneys File a Motion, Well Based, for Her Release

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), February 28, 1891

A Long Grind.
The City Fathers Work Until the Midnight Hour.

Lincoln Daily Call, February 17, 1891


Lincoln Herald, February 14, 1891

Happy End of a Duel.
How a Deadly Insult was Paid Without Loss of Blood.

Lincoln Daily Call, February 13, 1891

Sheedy's Wealth

Lincoln Weekly News, February 12, 1891

District Court
The Criminal Calendar Will be Very Materially Reduced

Lincoln Weekly News, February 5, 1891

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