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The Great Sheedy Murder Trial and the Booster Ethos of Lincoln, Nebraska


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From the Courthouse

Lincoln Weekly News, April 2, 1891

The Hotel Mack had a narrow escape from fire Sunday night
The man who is caring for it since its vacation said a lamp exploded

Lincoln Herald, April 4, 1891

Record of Omaha's Murders
Crimes That Have Been Committed in the Last Twenty Years

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), April 5, 1891

Answered Not Guilty.
Mary Sheedy and Monday McFarland Arraigned Today.

Lincoln Daily Call, April 13, 1891

The announcement is made that the Ann Arbor chemist who analyzed the stomach of John Sheedy found no poison
On the surface this would seem to indicate that McFarland's confession...

Lincoln Herald, April 18, 1891

Found No Trace of Poison
Report of the Chemist's Investigation of Sheedy's Murder

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), April 21, 1891

Good News for Mrs. Sheedy
No Poison Found by the Chemist.

The Nebraska State Journal, April 21, 1891

The Sheedy Murder.
The Trial to Take Place in Two Weeks.

Lincoln Daily Call, April 21, 1891

To Rebuild the Funke
It Will Be Made a New Opera House.

The Nebraska State Journal, April 23, 1891

Good News for Mrs. Sheedy
No Poison Found by the Chemist

Semi Weekly State Journal, April 24, 1891

An Interesting Bit of Information From Inside Authority on the Sheedy ...

Semi Weekly State Journal, April 24, 1891

A Social Panel Drawn
Jurors for the Sheedy Murder Case

The Nebraska State Journal, April 25, 1891

The arraignment of Mrs. Sheedy and Monday McFarland was held Monday
Both pleaded not guilty and were remanded for trial

Lincoln Herald, April 25, 1891

The Hardships of a Jury.

Lincoln Daily Call, April 26, 1891

From the State Capital
Speculation as to How the Sheedy Trial Will Be Conducted

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), April 28, 1891

The Criminal Calendar

Lincoln Weekly News, April 30, 1891

The Sheedy Trial.

Lincoln Daily Call, May 1, 1891

Will They Hang?
Query About Mary Sheedy and McFarland

Vanity Fair, May 2, 1891

The Sheedy Trial.
Commences This Morning—The Jury Panel Questioned.

Lincoln Daily Call, May 4, 1891

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