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The Great Sheedy Murder Trial and the Booster Ethos of Lincoln, Nebraska


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Still Examining Jurors
Eleven Men Found Acceptable to Both Sides of the Sheedy Case

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 10, 1891

Still Looking for a Jury
Little Progress Made in the Sheedy Murder Case

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 7, 1891

Surprise for the Defense
Dr. Beachley Declares Sheedy's Death Was Caused by Morphine Poisoning

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 17, 1891

Swift's Punishment

Lincoln Weekly News, January 22, 1891

Tales! Tales!
About the Inside Workings of the Sheedy Trial

Vanity Fair, June 6, 1891

Testimony for Mrs Sheedy
Dr. Hart Thinks Death Resulted from Concussion of the Brain

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 13, 1891

Tgetng A Jury.
For the Final Trial of Mrs. Sheedy and McFarland

Vanity Fair, May 9, 1891

The acquittal of Monday McFarland

Lincoln Weekly News, June 4, 1891

The Afro-American League
Stormy Scenes at the Convention.

The Nebraska State Journal, May 14, 1891

The announcement is made that the Ann Arbor chemist who analyzed the stomach of John Sheedy found no poison
On the surface this would seem to indicate that McFarland's confession...

Lincoln Herald, April 18, 1891

The Anti-Kidnappers
Sane Persons Confined in Asylums

The Nebraska State Journal, May 11, 1891

The Arguments
In the Sheedy Murder Case begun Today

Lincoln Daily Call, May 25, 1891

The arraignment of Mrs. Sheedy and Monday McFarland was held Monday
Both pleaded not guilty and were remanded for trial

Lincoln Herald, April 25, 1891

The Blow Was Fatal.
The Assasin's Blow Ends John Sheedy's Life.

Lincoln Daily Call, January 13, 1891

The Care of Those Who Are Physically Disabled.

The Nebraska State Journal, May 25, 1891

The Case of the Defense
It Rested at 4 P.M. Yesterday.

The Nebraska State Journal, May 23, 1891

The Criminal Calendar

Lincoln Weekly News, April 30, 1891

The Defense
In the Great Sheedy Trial Now Begins

Lincoln Daily Call, May 21, 1891

The Defense Has Its Innings

Lincoln Weekly News, May 28, 1891

The End Close at Hand

Lincoln Weekly News, May 28, 1891

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