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Good News for Mrs. Sheedy
No Poison Found by the Chemist.

The Nebraska State Journal, April 21, 1891

Good News for Mrs. Sheedy
No Poison Found by the Chemist

Semi Weekly State Journal, April 24, 1891

An Interesting Bit of Information From Inside Authority on the Sheedy ...

Semi Weekly State Journal, April 24, 1891

Got a Threatening Letter
Four Days Before the Assault.

The Nebraska State Journal, May 24, 1891

Happy End of a Duel.
How a Deadly Insult was Paid Without Loss of Blood.

Lincoln Daily Call, February 13, 1891

Hard at Work
The Number of Detectives in the Sheedy Case Augmented

Lincoln Weekly News, January 22, 1891

Held Without Bail.
Mrs. Sheedy and Monday McFarland Remain in Jail.

Lincoln Daily Call, January 31, 1891

Higher Education.
As an Educational Center Lincoln Has No Rival.

Lincoln Daily Call, January 3, 1891

Hired to Kill.
Monday McFarland Confesses to Striking John Sheedy.

Lincoln Daily Call, January 19, 1891

How They Received It
Mrs. Mary Sheedy Beseiged by Her Friends

Lincoln Daily Call, May 30, 1891

Hunting the Will

Lincoln Weekly News, June 11, 1891

Huskers Hardly In It
Omaha Takes the Postponed Game.

The Nebraska State Journal, May 14, 1891

In a Mighty Effort
The Selection of a Jury for the Murder Trial

Lincoln Daily Call, May 8, 1891

In Defense of Mrs. Sheedy
Witnesses Who Do Not Believe the Woman is as Bad as She is Painted

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 22, 1891

In the Preliminary.
Mrs. Sheedy

Lincoln Daily Call, January 28, 1891

Is He Sheedy's Murderer?
McFarland, a Negro Barber of Lincoln, Confesses the Crime

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), January 19, 1891

It Is Closed
In the Sheedy Case Testimony Is All In

Lincoln Daily Call, May 23, 1891

It Was a Happy Family

Semi Weekly State Journal, May 15, 1891

John Sheedy's Grave.
It Was Not Forgotten While the Flowers Were Being Strewn Over the Dead...

The Nebraska State Journal, May 31, 1891

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