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The Great Sheedy Murder Trial and the Booster Ethos of Lincoln, Nebraska


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The End Close at Hand

Lincoln Weekly News, May 28, 1891

The Defense Has Its Innings

Lincoln Weekly News, May 28, 1891

A Juror Sick
This Causes a Stop in the Arguments

Lincoln Daily Call, May 27, 1891

A Startling Arraignment
Extracts from Hon. F.M. Hall's Argument.

The Nebraska State Journal, May 27, 1891

Enlightening the Jurors
Oratorical Attorneys Firing Eloquence at the Intelligent Twelve

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 27, 1891

Pleading For a Verdict
Six Hours of Earnest Oratory.

The Nebraska State Journal, May 26, 1891

Reviewing the Evidence
Lawyers in the Sheedy Murder Trial Earning their Fees

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 26, 1891

The Care of Those Who Are Physically Disabled.

The Nebraska State Journal, May 25, 1891

The Arguments
In the Sheedy Murder Case begun Today

Lincoln Daily Call, May 25, 1891

Ready for the Arguments
End of Hearing Evidence in the Great Sheedy Murder Trial

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 24, 1891

Visit To a Mad House
The Asylum Where Ex-Senator Jones Is

Lincoln Daily Call, May 24, 1891

Got a Threatening Letter
Four Days Before the Assault.

The Nebraska State Journal, May 24, 1891

M'Farland's Mouth Sealed
He Will Not Be Allowed to Tell His Story to the Jury

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 23, 1891

It Is Closed
In the Sheedy Case Testimony Is All In

Lincoln Daily Call, May 23, 1891

The Case of the Defense
It Rested at 4 P.M. Yesterday.

The Nebraska State Journal, May 23, 1891

Nearing the End
The Long Drawn Sheedy Case Will Soon go to the Jury

Vanity Fair, May 23, 1891

The State Rests at Last
On the Fifteenth Day of the Trial

Semi Weekly State Journal, May 22, 1891

Nearing the End
The Defense Will Close this Afternoon

LC, May 22, 1891

In Defense of Mrs. Sheedy
Witnesses Who Do Not Believe the Woman is as Bad as She is Painted

Omaha Bee (Morning Edition), May 22, 1891

The Defense
In the Great Sheedy Trial Now Begins

Lincoln Daily Call, May 21, 1891

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